Leaf Pickup


Residents of Newcomerstown!!! LEAF PICK-UP SCHEDULE
Monday, Oct. 23 - Section 1- From River Street west to the corporation limit south (Coshocton CR 9) of the railroad tracks.
Tuesday, Oct. 24 - Section 2 - From River Street east to the corporation limit, south of the tracks.( Arrowhead Clinic).
Wednesday, Oct. 25 - Section3 - From Bridge Street east to Pilling Street, north of the railroad tracks, including Scott Addition.
Thursday, Oct. 26 - Section 4- From Bridge Street west to the corporation limit, north of the railroad tracks. 
All these dates are pending the weather for that day. Bad weather will push each Section a day later but sections will be done in order.
Rake leaves to the curb strip. Do not put branches or trash in with the leaves. If these are found in with your leaves, the leaves will not be picked up.
The Street Department will begin vacuuming up the leaves at 7am. Crews will make only one pass per day.
Another pick up will be scheduled in November.

A Message From The Mayor Pat Cadle


This Saturday, October 14th, is the date is for the tire drop-off. The procedure is: 
You will go in the State Street entrance where the recycling bins are. This will be like our community cleanup where it is a one-way process. Do not enter from College Street. You will drive towards the Street Department Garage building where two lines will form, until you are stopped to register. You will need an ID. No semi tires, tractor tires or tires with the rims attached will be taken. It will go from 9am to 12pm unless the trailers fill up before then. No tires will be taken once the trailers are full. 
This event is sponsored and paid for by theTuscarawas County Health Department, and is only for residents of Tuscarawas County.

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