Newcomerstown Water Survey

Newcomerstown Residents!! We are interested in your opinion!

Currently by law passed by the State of Ohio in 1978, all municipal water plants providing water to their residents are required to add the chemical fluorine as prevention for tooth decay and to strengthen teeth.

Benefits: This was to benefit developing children more than adults whose teeth were already formed. This is regulated by the EPA and supported by documentation found at The village must submit regular reports with the required amounts daily.

The Village has concerned residents who do not want fluoridation. Their evidence is based from a video resource:

Their stated drawbacks are that fluoride is only effective if applied to the teeth through treatments or toothpaste so there is no reason to ingest it. It is not a nutrient. There have been studies that state that an accumulation of fluoride can cause other problems in adults and children.

We are taking a straw poll to see what you think about this. It is a simple YES or No vote to the question: Do you feel that Newcomerstown should continue to add fluoride to the water supply?