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Powers and Duties of the Planning Committee:

The general powers and duties of this Commission to be performed and exercised are provided for and in the general accord with the ordinances and Charter of the Village.

(a) The Planning Commission shall have any other powers that may be granted or conferred upon it by Council or with such other powers as may be prescribed to carry out the duties of this Planning Commission in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

(b) The Planning Commission shall have all powers now or hereafter conferred upon it, to perform all duties which may be imposed upon the Planning Commission, or Commissions in Villages under Sections 713.01 to 713.15 inclusive of the Revised Code of Ohio.

(c) Before the Village Planning Commission shall recommend to Council the zoning or rezoning of lands, or amendments or changes to the “Zoning Ordinance”, it shall hold a public hearing on the question. The Village Planning Commission shall cause to be published a notice of the public hearing. Such notice shall be published at least ten (10) days prior to the Public Hearing and shall contain a summary of the question, and the time and place of the public hearing.


Planning Committee Members and Contact Information:

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