General Information
Assistant Cemetery Superintendent
Scott Powell
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
210 S College Street

7:30am to 3:30pm

Cemetery Prices

Cemetery Service Schedule

Lots: Resident:Non-Resident:
Adult single grave$500.00 + $25 trust fund$500 + $25 trust fund
Baby Land$1.00$200.00
Cremation$500.00 + $25 trust fund$500.00 + $25 trust fund
Veterans Section$0.00$100.00 + $25 trust fund 
Indigent$0.00Not Accepted

Special Rates:

Only available at West Lawn Cemetery Section 2:

Cremations only. $250 +$25 trust fund

**Opening & Closing:**Resident:**Non-resident:
Baby Land$0.00$200.00
Veteran's Section$0.00$0.00
Indigent Cremation$0.00Not Accepted

** For any weekend or weekday after 3pm, add an additional $500.00. For any village observed holiday, add an additional $600.00. 

Special Notes

  1. Any resident that spends their twilight years in a nursing home or with a care giver in a location outside the Village shall be considered a resident of the above schedule.
  2. Veteran section: Rates apply to the specific veteran only. Adult rates apply to spouse.
  3. Lots can only be sold by the cemetery. Individuals can only sell the lots back to the cemetery for price originally paid as long as there is not a foundation on it. If there is a foundation individuals will have to pay $160.00 to have the foundation removed.
  4. If a long time resident has moved out of the Village limits due to health reasons, then the Cemetery Superintendent can make the decision if the perpetual care fee is charged.

Foundation Charges:

This is the formula used to calculate the foundation prices.

Line 1: Length x Width = _____
Line 2: Add 10 inch margin to both length and width in line 1 ( 10+length x 10+width = ___  ) or add 20 inches to the total in line 1. Giving a 5 in margin all the way around the head stone.
Line 3: We charge 50¢ per square inch so multiply the answer from line 2 by .50, This gives the total price of the foundation.

Extended ends can be added. Extended ends are an additional 10 inches per side of the headstone giving a total of 20 inches added to the length of the foundation. This must be added into line 1 before adding additional lines.

Labor charge of $180.00 must be added to the cost of the foundation for the final pricing. Break down of the labor charge is below:

Labor Charge Breakdown:

Build Forms1 hourCemetery Assistant $17.00
Dig Foundation1 hourCemetery Assistant $17.00
Tech III  $16.00
Set Foundation1 hourCemetery Assistant $17.00
Tech III  $16.00
Pour Foundation1 hourCemetery Assistant $17.00
Tech III  $16.00
Street Assistant $17.00
Finish Foundation
(Above includes removing forms/adding fill dirt)
1 hourCemetery Assistant $17.00

Total manhour wage:   $150.00
x20% $180.00

Ad Space: