General Information
Assistant Cemetery Superintendent
Scott Powell
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
210 S College Street

7:30am to 3:30pm

Cemetery Rules

  1. Street/Cemetery Superintendent shall have supervision of all cemetery grounds.
  2. Cemeteries will not be used as a playground.
  3. Driving and parking on the grass is prohibited.
  4. Speed limit in cemetery is 10 mph.
  5. Intoxicating beverages are prohibited.
  6. Defacing of cemetery property is prohibited.
  7. No glass containers permitted.
  8. All wreaths and flowers, (potted or otherwise) are not to exceed 12” from monuments.
  9. No flowering shrubs or bushes shall be planted on any lot.
  10. Cemetery shrubs or trees on lots shall be trimmed by the Street/Cemetery Superintendent or under his supervision.
  11. Use barrels for all refuse.
  12. No admittance to the cemeteries between dusk and dawn.
  13. No foundations, monuments, or markers shall be erected upon any lot until full payment has been received for said lot.
  14. No internment may be made in a lot until it is fully paid for.
  15. Any grave marker not in the monument row must be flush with the ground.
  16. No monuments or memorials are to be placed on a foundation until said foundation is paid in full.
  17. There shall be no further mausoleums erected in the East State Street cemetery, due to the alignment of the existing monuments.
  18. No pets are permitted at the cemetery.
  19. Military markers are $100.00
  20. Per Ordinance 12-92 section two- a fee of Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) shall be charged in addition to the standard purchase price for a single grave lot in village cemeteries, and such additional fee shall be deposited into the Cemetery Expendable Trust Fund 807. If a multiple grave is purchased, an additional fee of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) shall be charged for each grave lot contained in said multiple grave lot.
  21. Monument may not exceed 6 foot in height.
  22. One set of cremated remains may be buried on top of an immediate family member.  
    1. Immediate family is considered to be: Mother, Father or Grandparent.
    2. Special circumstances may be honored per the Superintendent for the rule above
    3. The immediate family must be buried in a casket with a vault to be considered for the cremation burial to be approved
    4. One and only one set of cremated remains may be buried per lot.
  23. Columbaria cannot exceed the height of 40''. The Columbarium may only hold the remains equal to the number of plots that you own in the lot the Columbarium will be placed on.
    1. If you have multiple lots, they must be in the same row.