Request Reservation for Council Chambers

The Chamber Rental Form is now required for those who wish to reserve the Council Chambers for their meetings. Currently, we are only renting the Chambers out for Non-profit Organization meetings. If you would like to put in a request to rent the Chamber room please fill out the form below. 

Rules for the Council Chamber Rental:

1. This form must be filled out and approved before you may proceed with your scheduled meeting.

2. The renter is responsible for any damages to the site or building and may result in the renter being denied future use of the Chambers.

3. The meeting must remain in the Council Chambers only. Do not enter any other part of the building. There are restrooms available off of the Council Chambers for everyone to use.

4. At least a weeks notice is required before the meeting date to ensure the Chamber room is available. 

5. If you are not an approved Non-Profit Organization using the room for a meeting only, you are not able to reserve the room at this time and your request will be denied. 

6. Catering is allowed, however the renter is liable for confirming and organizing the catering as well as cleaning up any trash/food that is left over.

*Disclaimers* You will be alerted if your reservation has been approved. Please contact Shannon at the front desk for your request if you haven't heard from us within the week of your submission. You may call or email at 740-498-6313, 

**For future reservations we are thinking about implementing a calendar system to ensure organization and overbooking. So please be on the look out for any changes we may implement at a later date.**

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